Taru Platform


Hospital IT Infrastructure

Taru seamlessly integrates into the existing hospital IT infrastructure and requires bare minimum change management efforts.


All Vital Signs data is securely transferred to EMR systems, where all our data stored in patient records.

Rapid Response System

Taru also integrates into the hospital's Rapid Response Systems (RRS); where our anomaly detection and prediction algorithms acts as a key to triggers the RRS.

Machine Learning

The Taru platform is completely driven by artificial intelligence; where we have not only improved the detection of patient deterioration using healthcare protocols but have also developed prediction algorithms for various cardiovascular diseases.


We understand that every ‘body’ is different and has different baselines of physiological signals. One of the major challenges in healthcare is to personalize treatment based on each patient. Our machine learning algorithms allow for personalization in monitoring, alerting and caring.

One simple example of such personalization is a patient whose average heart rate is 60 beats/min. This particular patient is experiencing a higher average heart rate for the past 3 days of 90 beats/min. In scenarios like this, objectively looking at this data based on defined rules and protocols; we would classify the patient as healthy. While the actual truth is the other way around! This patient actually requires care, but is neglected because a set of rules and protocols suggest that if heart rate is below 100 beats/min, an individual is considered healthy.

Our platform detects such anomalies and alerts clinicians to intervene at the right time and improve the quality of care for every bed in the hospital.