Pareto Monitor

Wearable Vital Signs Monitor

Durable, Long-lasting, Resuable, and Smart

A sleek design that easily fits on the patient's wrist and allows for seamless and comfortable monitoring of physiological parameters. Patients can easily move wearing our monitor, allowing for an improved hospital experience.

We have spent years of research building proprietary non-invasive sensors that can accurately monitor a wide variety of physiological parameters essential in clinical decision-making.


Pareto Monitor measures a total of 15 physiological parameters

Patients at the Core of our Design Process

Every aspect from strap design to the SOS button placement has been tried and tested with actual patients in hospitals.

Reduced False Alarms

One of the biggest challenges with current alerting systems is the rate of false alarms, we have designed various sensors and machine learning algorithms to reduce the rate of false alarms; thereby reducing alarm fatigue for healthcare professionals.

Detecting Early Signs of Patient Deterioration

Our wearable device detects early signs of patient deterioration and alerts healthcare professionals by sending alerts to the central nursing stations and clinicians mobiles phones.



  • ECG Electrodes

  • IPG Electrodes

  • PPG Sensor

  • GSR Sensor

  • Thermistors

  • 3-axis Accelerometers


  • Rechargable lithium battery

  • 192 hours of battery life on full charge

Form Factor

  • 2 inches X 3 inches X 0.5 inches

  • 110 grams of total weight with all modules