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Hospital Monitoring

Giving Healthcare Professionals the Insights they Need

In the current scenario, patient vital signs in wards are only measured three times a day, which is every time a nurse shift changes, that is every 8 hours. This leads to not only healthcare professionals with no data about patient health for 8-hour intervals, but also makes them unable to react to changes in vital signs in real-time. Often critical changes and anomalies in vital signs go unnoticed in these 8-hour periods, and some of these anomalies are life-threating.

Our solution bridges these gaps and allows healthcare professionals to access continuous streams of vital signs data. Not only does our platform allow clinicians to access real-time data, but also allows them to view historical data.

We understand that healthcare professionals can't always to be on their screens, to monitor patients. Our solution alters healthcare professionals in cases where anomalies in vital signs are detected or if our system predicts that a patient might have an adverse/critical event in the near future.


Our solution allows healthcare professionals to access continuous streams of vital signs data to make the most accurate decisions about treatment.


Our proprietary algorithms detect anomalies in vital signs and alerts healthcare professionals in a timely manner.


This is where the magic lies in our entire solution! Our state-of-the-art algorithms predict a wide variety of adverse and critical events using predictive analytics.


Our solution allows healthcare professionals to evaluate treatments in real-time and gives them the power to adjust treatment accordingly.