Continuous Monitoring for Every Patient

Smart, Wireless and Real-time

Our solution allows for smart continuous monitoring for hospitals and homes

Our solution allows both inpatients and outpatients to be continuously and securely monitored from anywhere around the world. Our solution goes a step further and alerts healthcare professionals if any anomalies or early signs of any fatal events are detected. Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms allow us to predict adverse events 4-8 hours prior, allowing enough time for prevention.

Raise the bar for standard of care

Frequent Spot Checks leave patients Un monitored for 96% of their hospital stay.

(Weinger MB and Lee La. No patient shall be harmed by opioid-induced respiratory depression. APSF Newsletter. Fall. 2011.)

60% of all hospital patients are not continuously monitored.

(AHA Database, 2013)

40% of unanticipated hospital deaths happen on the general ward

(Rutherford P, Lee B, Greiner A. Transforming Care at the Bedside. IHI Innovation Series white paper. Boston: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2004)

Reducing Inpatient Deaths by Continuous Monitoring and Prediction Algorithms

Major number of deaths in general wards is attributed to late detection of critical events such as stroke or cardiac arrest. We are developing algorithms that can predict such critical events; thereby allowing clinicians to prevent them altogether.

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